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Mecha design for MO-BOT High series 2
Magazine cover illustration DOCTOR WHO sample art, p1 MO-BOT High series 2 cover

Welcome to the website of Neill Cameron, a freelance writer and artist specialising in manga / comics artwork, illustration and character design. Neill is the writer and artist of the graphic novel series Mo-Bot High, and is currently working on new series The Pirates of Pangaea (with Daniel Hartwell) and How To Make (Awesome) Comics for new weekly comic The Phoenix.

Neill is available for school and library events, giving illustrated talks and running workshops on creating comics, designing robots, and so on. Check out the Events page for details!

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PoP A1_poster character RGB

Neill is currently working on an epic new comics adventure - The Pirates of Pangaea!

Vast grasslands cover the ancient island of Pangaea. Known as the Sea of Green because the grasses grow so high and so thick only the largest beasts can cross them . But Pangaea, a land lost in time, is where dinosaurs still roam. And now men ride these monsters in wooden ships with sail and snuff. But where there’s sea there are always pirates! As Sophie, the heroine of this tale, is soon to discover...

Coming in January 2012, only in The Phoenix Comic!

Neill's first graphic novel, the Giant Robot Action Schoolgirl Comedy epic 'Mo-Bot High' is OUT NOW from David Fickling Books as part of the fantastic DFC Library!

Asha’s new school is insane. Everyone has giant robots that launch out of their mobile phones! She’s only been there five minutes when the school bully challenges her to a fight. So now it’s not just about figuring out who’s cool and who isn’t. She has to learn to pilot her Mo-bot. And fast.

But while Asha gets to grips with her Mo-bot’s moves and customises her DMC, she’s being watched… Her piloting skills are about to be put to the ultimate test, and there’s nothing her new friends can do to help.

Check out for more details!

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