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Drawing Giant Robots is FUN, and easy, and on this page Neill shows you how! Use these EXCITING and INSTRUCTIONAL lessons to get started, and before you know it you'll be designing your very own 100-foot automatons of destruction! (Or little kitten ones, whatever you like!)

Simply click on the images to the left to get started, or download them as worksheets to print out and draw on at home!


  1. HOW TO break the human figure down into basic shapes, and then turn those shapes into a ROBOT!
  2. Using the same technique with all kinds of different creatures!.
  3. Thinking about different types of JOINTS, and when to use which one on your robot!.
  4. All kinds of cool widgets and ACCESSORIES to stick on your giant robot!.
  5. Space to GET STARTED drawing your own giant robot!

We love to see your art! Please send your own robot drawings to and if they're cool we'll put them in the gallery!


Download the A4 worksheet! (3MB)

A3 worksheet (9MB) - for people with big printers!