Neill Cameron's award-winning all-ages graphic novel series MEGA ROBO BROS is back! Fully remastered and adapted into a new chunky format, with lots of extra bonus content! 

BROTHERS. ROBOTS. SUPERHEROES. ALEX AND FREDDY are two normal bickering brothers - who also happen to be SUPER-POWERED ROBOTS! They're off on school trips, going to the theme park, and annoying each other in the playground. But when ROBOT ATTACKS take place over London, it's time for the boys to step up! Will they be able to foil the plans of the EVIL ROBOT 23?

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Hey! I'm FREDDY. And I'm a super-powered ROBOT! There's a new kid at school. She's called AOIFE and she's SUPER annoying. The worst thing is... she thinks HUMANS are better than ROBOTS! There's only one way to prove her WRONG. A CONTEST! Which I'm definitely going to WIN...

FREDDY AND THE NEW KID is the amazing new novel from Neill Cameron, creator of the Mega Robo Bros series and FREDDY VS SCHOOL.

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Okay humans, listen up! My name is FREDDY. I live with my Mum and Dad. I go to school. Oh yeah, the MAIN thing: I am an AWESOME ROBOT! With awesome robotic SUPERPOWERS! But I'm hardly ever allowed to USE them, and definitely not at SCHOOL. Which is going to be a PROBLEM... 

FREDDY VS SCHOOL is the hilarious first novel from Neill Cameron, creator of the Mega Robo Bros series and How to Make Awesome Comics, published by David Fickling Books.

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...or from your local independent bookshop!

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