Mega Robo Bros

WINNER of the Excelsior Award Jr, 2017!

Shortlisted for the British Comics Awards Young People's Comic Award 2016! 

London! The Future!

Alex and Freddy are just like any other brothers.

They squabble. They drive their parents crazy.

There’s only one difference… they’re the most powerful robots on earth!

But Alex and Freddy will soon discover that they’re not the only super-powered robots around.

An evil robotic mind is making sinister plans.

And their lives won’t stay peaceful for much longer…

Volume 1: Mega Robo Bros and Volume 2: Mega Robo Rumble are both out now in paperback from David Fickling Books.

Buy online at...

Book 1: The Phoenix | Amazon | Page 45 

Book 2: The Phoenix | Amazon | Page 45

"An exceptionally deft mixture of genuine cyber-futurism and absurdist action sequences designed for nine-year-old readers, Mega Robo Bros is cartooned with a light hand that guarantees laughter, out loud." - Comics Alliance

"An exceptional all ages read." - Page 45

"Cracklingly paced, brilliantly observed, exquisitely drawn." - Read It Daddy

"Unmissable excitement for all ages, this is a true must-have item” - Now Read This

" It’s a story about personal growth, self-discovery and finding yourself in the world, showing a sensitive side amongst the adventure that works incredibly well." - Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain

"This is wonderful comics, jam packed with energy, invention, humor and love. SF has rarely been this fun and sibling rivalry has rarely involved this many jet packs or existential penguins. Just brilliant, from start to finish." - Man of Words

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