Blood-thirsty pirates! Vicious dinosaurs! Danger at every turn!

The year is 1717.

The newly discovered island of Pangaea is the most dangerous place on Earth, where dinosaurs still walk the land…

Sophie Delacourt has been sent to Pangaea to stay with her uncle. But little does she know its perils – for Pangaea is a lawless wilderness, teeming with cut-throat pirates!

Kidnapped and imprisoned, Sophie must escape from the ruthless Captain Brookes and embark upon an epic journey, to find her way home… 

The Pirates of Pangaea: Book One

A collection of the all-ages adventure strip which I draw and co-write (with Daniel Hartwell) for The Phoenix Comic. Volume 1  out now from David Fickling Books. Available from all good bookshops, including:

The Phoenix | Page 45 | Amazon | Hive

"The Pirates of Pangaea is absolutely the best comic strip being published for children in the UK, possibly the world. 10/10” -Starburst Magazine 

"Pirates! Dinosaurs! Every bit as wonderful together as you expect to be, every bit as brilliant as you wanted it to be." - Forbidden Planet

"Superbly engaging and utterly enthralling, this astounding all-action romp is a riotous delight of astonishing adventure." - Now Read This! 

Check out a gallery of preview artwork, right here!

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